2018 ...

3rd August - 1st October Janna Lopez y Claudio Peralta, Tango Spirit, Sydney 
(for enquiries / bookings for private lessons or shows please email Janna)
6th - 7th     Anibal Montenegro & Hosanna Heinrich, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
10th - 12th  Karina & Fabian Conca, Tango Social Club, Canberra ACT
10th - 20th Anibal Montenegro & Hosanna Heinrich, Perth, Western Australia
17th - 19th  Winter Tango Hanmer, New Zealand
24th - 26th Neri Piliu y Yanina QuinonesByron Bay Tango Festival, Byron Bay NSW

7th - 10th    The Essence of Tango with Karina & Fabian Conca, Northern Tango, Darwin NT
7th - 9th      Tango Rendezvous Festivalito, Auckland, NZ
11th & 12th   Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Auckland Tango,NZ
13th - 17th   Maximiliano Cristiani y Karina Colmeiro, Tango Esencia, Richmond, Victoria
13th - 18th   Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Christchurch, NZ
19th -30th  Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Auckland Tango,NZ
20th - 24th Maximiliano Cristiani y Karina Colmeiro, Perth Tango Club, West Leederville, WA
28th September - 1st  October  Tango in the Spring, Canberra, ACT

1st - 3rd        Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Auckland Tango,NZ
3rd - 8th       Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz, Tengo Tango, Canberra, ACT
4th - 10th    Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Tango Spirit, Sydney, NSW
10th - 16th   Dante Sanchez y Indra Hiayes, Tango Esencia, Richmond, Victoria
11th - 15th    Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz, Southern Cross Tango, Adelaide, SA
19th - 21st    Vuelvo al Sur, Christchurch, New Zealand
25th - 28th  Hobart Tango Encuentro (Teachers - Karina & Fabian Conca and Rina & Nadim Sawaya), Hobart, Tasmania

dates TBA   Rodrigo Palacios, Tango Bajo, Melbourne, Victoria
16th - 18th Spring Tango in Auckland, New Zealand
23rd - 25th  BASH (Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands), Bundanoon, NSW




8th - 10th  Port Macquarie Tango Festival, Bonny Hills, NSW

Vuelvo al Sur Events in Christchurch, NZ are posted on Facebook. If you do not use Facebook and would like to make an enquiry you can Frank (Vuelvo al Sur) by clicking on the link below:
Frank Tango Vibe