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Brisbane Tango Festival ~ Gisela Vidal, Ariel Yanovsky and Joaquin Amenabar

Workshops & milongas! 

6 amazing workshops with Gisela Vidal & Ariel Yanovsky

(1) Women’s & men’s Technique (2) Rebounds (3) Vals (4) Milonga (5) Giros (6) Sequences for Social Dance

5 Musicality Workshops with Joaquin Amenabar

(1) Basic units of tango rhythm (2) Dancing the melody in tango Level I
(3) Dancing the melody in tango Level II (4) Argentinian Vals (5) Milonga Level 1

4 Milongas

There will be 4 Milongas for your dancing pleasure as part of the 2019 Brisbane Tango Festival. The opening Milonga on Friday night will feature a performance of a Tango Tanda by Joaquin Amenabar. The Saturday Milonga will feature a performance by Gisela and Ariel.

Full program & registration details available

Phone: 0419 665 046