Travelling DJ's who are more than happy to travel outside of their home state or country ...

Yuko Kinoshita

New South Wales
DJ El Mafioso (Anthony Miller)
Lisa De Lazzari
Frida Kotlyar

Conrad Sernia

South Australia
Patricia Petronio

Leonel Colque, Victoria Tango
Rosaria Burchielli

New Zealand
Anne Maree Therkleson, Tango Libre

Emanuele Ser Landi

TANGO ORCHESTRAS coming soon ! .....

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March 2018 - Robles BA Tango Tour
October 2018 - Tango Libre, Patagonia Tango Retreat with Cecilia Gonzalez and Blas Rivera is 6-12 October and the Buenos Aires Tango Encounter with Quique Miller is 13-22 October
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